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Waking up on the right side of the bed.


Thane Canada Inc.


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Launch Campaign

Zaahn wanted to change the way young adults look at mattresses.

Zaahn has a unique promise to their customers: They promise you can create your perfect sleep. They understand that lying on a mattress for five minutes cannot emulate the type of sleep you will experience over the course of three months. The Zaahn mattress was engineered for a bedroom, not a showroom, and that is why they offered a 100-night free trial. It’s a company promise that displays confidence in their product while also showing that they are considerate of their consumers.

Mattresses have always been fairly inconspicuous household items, and most people are completely uninterested in what kind of mattresses their friends and family sleep on. Zaahn is attempting to make us 'covet what was previously perceived as mundane' without the hassle of shopping, testing or shipping (and at an affordable price, too).

Zaahn knows that their target audience consists mainly of millennials who view themselves as young and progressive individuals. The company knows that these 20 somethings jump at the opportunity to be a part of a greater change, and feel as if they have the capacity to do so.

As AOR Dash was responsible for the Zaahn mattress project launch. We designed the Zaahn identity & logo, product attributes, digital, social, and video elements. We helped them launch across North America and Europe.