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Old Dutch Foods


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Everyone has come to know and love the Old Dutch brand as the potato chip of their childhood, but current competitors have recently taken over the already saturated market.

This simply won’t do — so we were tasked with the objective of fixing the brand's current market position. Dash created a series of visuals, utilizing the iconic Old Dutch flavours and chip bags, bringing a sense of humour and liveliness back into the brand. Targeting not only the older demographic, but also incorporating millennials and Gen Z, we’ve watched their social audience grow.

To reach our target audience of Canadian snackers, we needed to approach the brand in a different way to keep fans engaged. We partnered with brands like Mac’s and the Calgary Flames to run contests for integrated prizes like gift cards and playoff tickets.
The results. In our first year we increased their Facebook fans by 438% to an audience size over 100,000 and Instagram followers by 1097%.