A fake family that garnered real engagement.




Social Strategy
Content Development


Social Media

We created a millennial driven social media campaign for City's hit show Meet The Family.

After a strong first season, Meet The Family was ready to air season two and wanted to launch an edgy awareness campaign that caught the attention of teenagers across Canada.

Meet the Family is a hidden camera comedy show that turns meeting your partner’s family into a test of resolve and commitment. Each week, multiple hidden cameras record every move as the couple enters a 'family home' filled with actors who are ready to make the encounter as uncomfortable and unforgettable as possible. After the success of Season 1, City wanted to carry the show into its second season with a social media campaign specifically targeted at millennials. We created a branded content series and paired it with paid media to capture the attention of our young audience. By aligning the comedic elements of the show with pop culture references, we seeded micro-content across all social channels and kept our audience engaged. To keep engagement at an all-time high, a community management effort was in place seven days a week to ensure that each viewer who commented, mentioned, or engaged with the show online received an immediate response.