A legacy as hard as steel.




Content Development
Art Direction
Video Production
Print Ads
Web Ads


Launch Campaign

How do you make steel buildings exciting? Connect them to legacies.

With Behlen, Dash understood that the target buyer for their products was incredibly hardworking. Nothing justifies hard work more than leaving something memorable, functional, and strong behind; something that will always echo the person that built it, but allows for growth and future expansion.

Dash created a deeply emotional video spot that spoke directly to this industrial minded, hard working target. This was executed along with an array of fresh, engaging Facebook ads, digital banners, and digital remarketing banners.

The results. These ads (led by video) resulted in a 1,500% growth in leads during the 3 month campaign. In addition, the brand made substantial leeway in regards to overall awareness and quickly moved closer to becoming a common household name in the industrial sector.