Hootsuite Recognizes Dash’s Social Media Excellence

Dash Agency Digital Agency

Social media management platform, Hootsuite, featured Dash Agency in their most recent case study. The case study focuses on Dash Agency’s work with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR) during their inaugural weekend and the preparation leading up to it.

The CMHR was seven years in the making and taxpayers were growing impatient and resistant to the project. The museum’s social channels had become a venting grounds for naysayers. With opening night just 50 days away and cataclysmic social marketing, the museum needed crisis and community management help — and fast.

Dash developed an integrated social campaign that distributed content across all the Museum’s social channels. Leading up to the opening of  the museum, community managers were monitoring any and all content posted on CMHR’s social channels and responded to it within five minutes or less. Our team of community managers were able to turn the negative conversations around by engaging with people through transparent and educational conversation. Dash Agency and the CMHR saw:

  • 17,913,378 unique impressions in 3 weeks
  • 5,551,849 unique impressions in 3 weeks
  • 15,804 mentions in 72 hours
  • International press coverage

To read more, please visit the original article published by Hootsuite.com

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