Dash is now Cox Automotive’s Canadian Agency of Record.

Christian Lunny Founding Partner, CCO

Cox Automotive is amongst the world’s leaders in automotive sales and solutions.

They can be found in 30 countries across the globe, and offer an absolutely staggering array of sub-brands who deal with every conceivable aspect of the automotive world. Dash is proud to say that Cox Automotive Canada is now one of our clients. We are currently responsible for all of their digital and online content, and feel as though this new relationship has been an utter success thus far.

We’ve already implemented a fantastic B2B strategy for the brand, and are very excited to say that we’ll soon be shooting fresh, innovative content for Cox Automotive Canada, which will showcase their breadth, value, and the incredible charitable endeavours they strive to be a part of. You can check it out in the coming months, but for the time being follow them on LinkedIn to see our keen strategy at work.

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