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Dash recently won business with Behlen, Canada’s largest manufacturer of steel building structures.

They wanted our help to push one of their sub-brands, U-Build, to a larger and more targeted audience. Dash was happy to oblige. We understood that the target buyer for their products is incredibly hardworking, and that nothing justifies hard work more than leaving something memorable, functional, and strong behind; something that will always echo the person that built it, but allow for growth and future expansion.

Dash created a deeply emotional digital video that speaks directly to this industrial-minded, hard working target along with an array of fresh, and engaging facebook ads, digital banners, and digital remarketing banners.

The results? Well, after the first month in rotation, these ads (led by the video) garnered massive growth in leads from 6 in 6 months to 50 in 1. On top of this, the brand has made some leeway in regards to overall awareness, and is quickly moving closer to becoming a household name in the industrial sector. To date the video has over 51k views and counting.

View the video here:


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