ZAAHN by Thane Direct Inc.

Finding the right side of the bed.

Zaahn understands a large share of their target audience consists of millennials who view themselves as young and progressive individuals. The company knows that these 20-somethings jump at the opportunity to be a part of progressive ways to shop and experience products, especially if those products have the capacity to create greater change; they feel they have the capacity to do so. As their Agency of Record we developed a brand identity, product attributes, and a variety of digital, social, and video elements to support a successful launch throughout North America and Europe that acknowledged the target’s ideals.


ZAAHN by Thane Direct Inc.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Video Production, Product Packaging, Traditional Media, Social Media Ads, UI / UX Design, E-commerce, Website Development


Branding, Advertising, Creative Direction, E-Commerce Website, Video, Social, Media Development.

Zaahn sleep system

The Zaahn sleep system is a unique and adjustable mattress and pillow combination that allows couples to choose their perfect, individual sleeping surface— soft or firm. Zaahn understands that lying on a mattress for a few minutes in a vast, cold, and pressurized store simply can’t give you a realistic impression of what you’d  experience over the course of three months at home in a space that’s familiar, warm, and judgement free.

Defining the brand.

In developing the Zaahn brand we wanted to communicate the feeling of actually using the product. The brand needed to feel welcoming, fresh, and relaxed. It was also important for us to express the product benefits, not only through stories, but throughout the visual identity itself.


The wordmark was developed to resemble two sides of a bed communicating the idea of couples sleeping well together, or a shared sleep experience.

The brand name is further explained through identifiers for each side of the mattress — Zaahn, which incorporates ZEN (firm) and AAH (soft). The overall brand expression is calm, relaxed, and always ready for a good time.

Watch This

Video assets were created to showcase the product benefits, functionality of the product and communicate the brand essence. We created the concept storyboards and creative direction from beginning to end, driving the process from casting all the way to set design. The final videos served as an introduction to the Zaahn website and as a social media advertising component.

Attention Shoppers

We developed an e-commerce experience that clearly explained the product benefits to the consumer in a familiar, user-friendly environment.

Clear navigation points and calls-to-action were defined with bold use of brand colours and intuitive placement. Interactive components and story-telling visuals were strategically incorporated throughout the experience to create a meaningful relationship with the Zaahn brand, building trust and promoting the likelihood of on-the-spot purchases. We implemented best e-commerce practices to promote confidence and action

The Right Place at The Right Time

A series of online and social media ads were targeted to markets throughout North America with unique location based content. The results were more relatable content enticing viewers to visit the e-commerce site and learn more about the product.

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