Enticing and engaging. Content at the speed of social.

Social at Dash isn’t a tactic, it’s a way of life, so when we say digital we really mean it.

Our world is filled with likes, loves, hashtags, and engagements. Relevancy ratings really get us going, and shares… don’t even. Yeah, yeah you’ve heard it before, a digital agency that really knows it’s way around “the facebook, and the picture one” well, yes, yes we do, but our approach is different. When we say fast we mean it, but that doesn’t mean sloppy, simple, or poorly thought out. This is advertising after all and if you’re not thinking target you’re probably wearing one. We never release work to any platform without understanding who we’re speaking to, what they want to see, what their tastes are, how it will change the way they see our client’s products or services, or how it smartly supports a campaign from a digital angle. It’s simple. We know things about the social advertising world that you don’t -that’s why you’re here- and we’ll work diligently to ensure that your clients and customers never, ever see that.

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