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Supporting mental and physical wellness in young female students.

With a cause like Run For It branding, website content, and design had some tough but meaningful work to do.

This project wasn’t about selling product; it was about promoting physical and mental health in youth, introspection, self-recognition, and female empowerment. It was about igniting change, creating hope, and building a strong, reliable, and empathetic community of girls who could be there for themselves and for each other.


Flow Marketing & Shoppers Drug Mart


Brand Strategy, Branding & Visual Identity, UX/UI Design
, Website Development


Ground up creative design and content culminating into a not-for-profit website.


You need to tell a story the right way to change it.

When approaching this project, it was important to Dash that the language, tonality, and feel was welcoming, fun, and engaging for female students across Canada. It needed to carry a serious and informative message while not feeling like a lecture, or totally out of touch. The reality is that Run For It isn’t a simple program that someone takes part in at the drop of a hat. It involves a 6 week educational course plus training for a 5k run (not necessarily a teenage girl’s dream activity,) but the key here was to display just how vital recognizing and understanding mental health is. It’s a message of the importance of introspection, and the ability to read mental illness in yourself and the people around you in order to deal with it rationally, intelligently, and with the right attitude. It’s not an easy task, but the students needed to understand that it would be a rewarding one; the language we used succeeded in doing so.

In terms of giving an identity to the Run For It brand we wanted to create visuals and emotions that connected the ideas of empowerment, youth, and a positive approach to mental illness. You’ll see these 3 aspects come together in uses of colour, type, design, and concept throughout the website; however, they’re most vivid in the logo itself.

A look that moves you

Run For It branding creates visuals and emotions that connect the ideas of empowerment, youth, and a positive approach to mental illness. The silhouette of the logo is nondescript as to suggest that mental illness affects us all, while the colour palette represents a bright, and diverse Canadian population that understands how working together and relying on one another can bolster positive cultural change. This also speaks to the broad spectrum of mental health illnesses and how understanding can help create a supportive culture of inclusivity. Notice how the grouping of shoe prints brings a sense of forward movement. Type is bold, playful, and reaches a vast array of tastes.


We brought an insightful, creative approach to speaking to the target via a free-spirited colour palette, down-to-earth generationally correct language, and a positive communal spirit that we knew would be shared by all those who landed on the site.

Importance of mobile

As our target is young and native to digital, it was of the utmost importance that the Run For It website look beautiful and offer full mobile functionality driven by intelligent and targeted UX. This included total responsiveness and smart, engaging layouts that didn’t retract from content no matter the screen.



Dash is incredibly proud to have worked on such an important and worthy project. The site and all supplementary materials we created for Run For It were produced to engage with female students on their level, in their world, for their cumulative mental health. So as a support to our UX and design expertise we ensured that the creative content featured on the site would pull its weight in getting the message across. We delivered a balanced and targeted approach to gaining interest and sign-ups.  

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