Granny's Poultry

A new website that people will give a cluck about.

We designed an all new, clean and efficient website for Granny’s Poultry. We built a content management system to allow Granny’s to effectively manage their users and content—using this to build an online community where users can save and share recipes, manage their marketing preferences and much more.


Granny's Poultry


UX/UI Design, 
Website Development, Web Application


Website Design & Development


One of Canada’s strongest farmer-owned poultry cooperatives, Granny’s Poultry has been owned and operated by farmers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan for over 50 years. These folks really know their way around a bird, but their website needed a little Dash of something. Our rejuvenation of the site included a total redesign, grade-A content, new sales driven positioning, and an engaging approach to category leadership through a strong online community presence.

Through street-level analysis, competitive research, and customer-focused working sessions we identified the opportunities we could leverage to heighten Granny’s clout and better their positioning.


Turkeys can’t fly, but customers can.

Through our discovery process we realized three things about the Granny’s Poultry website: it needed to better highlight product offerings, it needed to increase user interaction and sign-ups, but perhaps most importantly, it needed to tell better stories. Granny’s wanted to collect more data on their customers for future marketing but their content simply wasn’t engaging, relatable, or personalized. We changed that. Based on our understanding of their target audience, Dash defined a digital strategy for the website that turned it into a digital destination for all things poultry. We kept the consumer in mind so they’d keep us in theirs.

Users can now filter through different recipes featuring either chicken, or turkey, plus explore booklets.

See something you’d love? The new Granny’s site lets you save recipes with a little heart.

A unique profile where you can view all of your saved recipes.

Logging in made so much flocking easier.

Sign-up and login functions were streamlined and modernized to allow access via Google and Facebook making the process faster and effortless.

Design Direction

You Want Attention? You Better Ruffle Some Feathers.

Just because Granny’s is friendly doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The new website is designed in a way that allows the charming personality of the brand to shine. We wanted those down-home values the brand is synonymous with to come through in a vivid, fun, and welcoming way. Our first priority was to showcase product, and our second was to create rich, useful, delicious content via recipes as to bolster a budding online community of likeminded fans. From bold typography and elegant images to clever creative content, the site’s design is focused on highlighting the wholesomeness of the Granny’s brand both online and at point of purchase.

With Granny’s Poultry we delivered a cohesive, immersive, and engaging online experience to the brand and its customers. Not just a rejuvenation, this project took full advantage of our combined creative advertising minds to deliver a final product that didn’t just look amazing, but is performing as we speak, and performing well. If you’d like to bring that kind of thoughtfulness to your brand, product, or projects, feel free to reach out; we’d love to talk turkey.

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