The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Launching a national museum in our own backyard.

In 2014 we ran a social media campaign for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The campaign spanned across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We executed creative content, full-scale community management, social ads, and public relations.


Canadian Museum of Human Rights


Social Strategy, Content Production, Community Management, Social Ads, Analytics


Social Media Campaign


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is the first museum solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration, and future of human rights. Its aim is to build not only a national hub for human rights learning and discovery, but a new era of global human rights leadership. In preparation for launch, the museum was under attack online and on social media. There were thousands of unhappy Manitobans that were frustrated with delays, building cost, and contents that were, and were not, in the museum. The CMHR needed a communications campaign that educated people across Manitoba on what actually was happening.


The CMHR wanted to strengthen the positive aspects of the launch, raise awareness of the importance of the museum, and to ensure opening weekend was a massive success. We were called in 90 days before the doors were opening. With only 30 days to develop our strategy, creative, community management guideline, and media plan—we had to move fast.

We developed a bilingual social media campaign that leveraged the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. With all of the construction delays and bad public relations the museum was facing, we wanted to keep the message for the campaign simple. We created a tagline “It’s Here” or “C’est Ici” en francais. Our creative strategy was two parts: our main ad units portrayed an artistic impression of the museum with the campaign tagline; our social media content focused on the exhibits and stories that the museum had.

Content Creation

We designed over 100 pieces of organic social media content to supplement social ads. This content was distributed to Facebook and Twitter. Each piece of content was sponsored in accordance to our media plan.

Community Management

On top of strategy, design, and media—we also delivered full-scale community management for the campaign.

Initially, the CMHR was weary of engaging with negative comments. After convincing them that it was imperative to interact with all feedback—our work began. A lot of the anger surrounding the museum was due to how it was funded. The public wasn’t aware of all of the private donations the museum received. So if someone commented in anger, we took time to write a detailed response to each tweet and comment. The community’s response was positive—the sentiment changed all because the CMHR started a conversation. During opening weekend, we set up a social media command centre and responded to every comment/tweet within minutes.


The campaign received over 23 million impressions on social media and had 13,000 brand mentions in a 72 hour period during opening weekend. The museum sold out 9,000 tickets for the preview tours. Social media marketing giant Hootsuite wrote a case study on our campaign, highlighting our public relations excellence. The project was also nominated for Campaign of the Year for the 2015 Advertising Association of Winnipeg’s Signature Awards.

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