Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association

Manitoba’s first augmented reality campaign.

We conceptualized, designed, and developed an augmented reality campaign for one of Manitoba’s biggest brands. The campaign featured an iOS and Android app that made each recycling bin across the province into an augmented reality experience.


Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association


Digital Strategy, UI / UX Design, App Development, Traditional Media, Social Media Ads


App Development & Marketing Campaign


Founded in 2010, the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) is a not-for-profit, industry-funded organization whose membership includes beverage brand owners and distributors. CBCRA is committed to reaching the government-mandated target of recovering 75% of beverage containers sold in Manitoba. CBCRA implemented and operates Recycle Everywhere; Canada’s first permanent, province-wide, away from home beverage container recycling program.

App Development

We developed the Recycling Starts Here application for both Android and iOS. Consumers downloaded the app, pointed their phone at bin, and a digital experience appeared. Since there are thousands of bins there were unique experience for different bins. We developed 4 specific AR markers at The Forks, Assiniboine Zoo, Investors Group Field, and the Exchange District. For all of the other bins a generic experience was rendered that explained what you could and could not recycle. We also built in a contesting component. There were over hundreds of prizes that could be won by visiting different bins. Users could win tickets to Bomber Games, coupons to local coffee and donut shops, bikes, vacation packages, and the grand prize was a trip to Churchill.

We designed an elegant landing page that explained how the application & contest worked. The content we created for this page was also repurposed as marketing materials that were used through the campaign.

Location Strategy

With thousands of recycling bins across the province—we picked 4 landmark locations and designed custom animated experiences; The Forks, Investors Group Field, Assiniboine Zoo, and the Exchange District.

App home screen design.

App view that shows how many locations a person has visited.

Showcase of Exchange District augmented reality experience.

Social Media

To further extend the launch campaign, we created display and social media ads. These built upon the core campaign messaging while also adhering to our partners requirements. The ads were executed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that were targeted at millennials across Manitoba. We ran a variety of ad sets that drove users to the micro-site as well as directly to the respective app stores.

Buzz and Boomer of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Investors Group field.

A voyageur at the Winnipeg Forks.

A musician at the Exchange District.

A polar bear at Assiniboine Zoo.

Traditional Media

In addition to digital and social media ads – we designed and placed traditional media to raise more awareness for the campaign. We also partnered with a local agency to host a media event. Reporters and broadcasters arrived to cover the story and how the application and contest worked. Dash also reached out to local media influencers to create their own content for their channels about how they were using the app.

Perfect Timing

The launch for the app came just weeks after Pokémon Go’s massive popularity with AR technology. The mainstream consciousness of AR made the app commonplace to consumers.


The application was downloaded thousands of times on both app stores. We had hundreds of activations of users activating the app at bins across the province and the media campaign generated over 3 million impressions.

“The app was designed to connect with one of our key targets, males 18-25, who are both difficult to reach and typically non-recyclers. This app allowed us to engage with this demographic in a way that is exciting to them.” – Arielle Gurevich, Communications Manager CBCRA.

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