About Us
Our story, beliefs, and spirit are far from typical.
Our agency was founded by teenagers in their basement.
While millennials are more difficult than ever to engage, they are becoming a mainstream group, and Gen Z is the future, so it’s incredibly important that we understand how to speak their language. We’re an agency comprised of Gen X and Gen Z; we understand how to function in a world where being connected goes beyond social. It simply is embedded within our DNA. It crosses over into our everyday life and real world experiences; we accepted being young a long time ago because it was never an option for us, it was just our reality, and it still is.
A dash or comma is used to join ideas. It connects things.
Dash was founded on the belief that although the world is more connected than ever, these connections need to be fortified. We are interconnecting tissue and our name is derived from our purpose: to connect brands to users and global consumers with human insight, intelligence, and purpose.
Building it up? We know a thing or two, and not just in the advertising sphere.
We’re responsible for building multi-million dollar companies that have nothing to do with advertising, but everything to do with products and users. We encourage entrepreneurship, and consider each of our clients mandates and businesses our own. Before we put an idea forward we think about the ramifications to your profit and profile. Success in advertising comes from a team mentality. Too often the client/agency relationship becomes an 'us vs. them' scenario; how is that healthy? We will prove our value if you trust us as a partner and vice versa.
Our mission & mantra. One step ahead, always on.
Does being young, and connected to the pulse of things allow us to stay ahead of most? Absolutely. We are always working, connected, motivated and hungry for change. We thrive on change, and making an impact. The only way to change things is to constantly be innovating and inventing. We are newage builders who understand the 21st century waits for no one.
Head shot of Christian Lunny
Christian Lunny
Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Christian Lunny is a generation Z creative leader and a born nonconformist entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Musi, the tenth largest music streaming service with 3.5 million monthly active users, ranking consistently top 100 in the Apple App Store for the past two years. As Chief Creative Officer Christian stimulates the creative energy throughout our agencies products and campaigns.
In 2015 Christian was featured in Marketing Magazine’s top 30 under 30, and in 2016 was listed on Canadian Businesses Change Agents list. He was also ranked as a top executive in 2017 when Dash Agency was ranked by Canadian Business as one of the top 50 fastest growing startups in Canada.
Head shot of Cole Holyk
Cole Holyk
Partner & Vice President, Digital
Cole leads the ideation and creative direction behind digital experiences designed to accelerate our clients’ business goals and emphasize their offerings in the competitive landscape. Equipped with a mix of entrepreneurial, analytical and critical thinking, he works with our clients to recharge and scale their digital efforts from the inside out through strategy, user experience, and design leadership. Before joining Dash, Cole worked independently as a digital consultant on brand, web, e-commerce and marketing for businesses and high-profile names that include The Game, Khloe Kardashian, and Snoop Dogg.