How We Found Our Managing Director

Dash Agency Digital Agency

It’s a Tuesday, I’m sitting at my desk, and I get a LinkedIn message. It’s from a Toronto advertising guy congratulating me on our most recent new business win.

Here’s the message:

“David. Thanks for connecting. I just wanted to say congrats on the new wins. I know how hard it is to start an agency in Toronto. It is an accomplishment and I just wanted to state that.”

I sent him a message back thanking him, and told him that I’d love to grab a drink the next time I was in Toronto.

Two weeks later, we met up for wings and beer at Real Sports.

As I’m getting into my Uber after the meeting, I called my partner Christian Lunny, and said “I just had drinks with a guy who has tons of experience, is charismatic, and actually gets how it all works — I think we should hire him.”

A few days later back in Winnipeg, Christian setup a Skype interview that went on for 2 ½ hours. When it was over, Christian stormed into my office and said, “This is our guy. Let’s go back to Toronto, we will bring Cole (Partner and VP of Digital) and chat more.”

The next week, all four of us went for dinner at Fring’s. I really like that place because it’s one of the only places you can eat incredibly high quality food and listen to rap music at the same time.

We had a three-hour long dinner that consisted of way too many truffle fries and old fashions. Afterward, Christian, Cole, and myself talked and we all agreed that we wanted to hire him. He had experience, knew the lay of the land, and had connections that could help us grow our business.

We went back to Winnipeg, met with our lawyer, drafted an employment agreement, and sent it off. A day later, he signed.

Now, you’re probably wondering, who is this ‘guy’ I keep referring to? His name is Dave Carey, and he is Dash Agency Toronto’s Managing Director.

Before joining us, Dave was a partner at Union Advertising, and prior to that a Senior Vice President at Lowe Roche and Innocean Worldwide. He’s worked with big brands like Kraft, Axe, Audi, Enbridge, Heart and Stroke Foundation and dozens more. He’s also a solid strategist, and a great communicator. And on top of all of that, he’s a really nice guy who works hard — and that’s most important.

Dave brings a ton of experience to our agency; not only in Toronto but also in Winnipeg. There isn’t one agency in Winnipeg that has an office in Toronto with an experienced team; I’m happy to say that we are the first.

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