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The new Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Every single year the University of Manitoba hosts the Distinguished Alumni Awards which honours past outstanding alumnus. For the 2016 event they wanted to do something different. With partners across the globe, they wanted to run a social live stream, distribute meaningful video content, and create a nomination process that was purely digital.


University Of Manitoba


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Distinguished Alumni Awards Campaign


The University of Manitoba is a public university in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Located in Winnipeg, it is a research-intensive post-secondary educational institution. Founded in 1877, it was Western Canada’s first university. The University of Manitoba has three main locations: the Fort Garry Campus, the Bannatyne Campus, and the William Norrie Centre.

Video Production

To promote the Distinguished Alumni Awards we crafted multiple story driven videos about past DAA award recipients.

The videos told the individual stories of what that person had achieved over the course of their life or career. The call-to-action was a link to nominate another outstanding alumni for the next years award show. The videos were designed to inspire U of M stakeholders to nominate a friend or classmate.

Live Stream

Since the University of Manitoba has partners all across the globe—they wanted to live stream the event.

To accomplish this, instead of using traditional live streaming services we decided to use Periscope and Facebook Live. Dash setup a team at the event to broadcast the event on both platforms and ensure that any comments or engagements were being responded to in real time.

Social Media

After the event was over, we took the videos that we created and ran them as social ads across Facebook and LinkedIn. The videos contained links that allowed stakeholders to nominate a person for the next years Distinguished Alumni Awards. In addition to the videos, we created dozens of pieces of custom organic social media content that we distributed on the U of M’s social channels.


The University of Manitoba successfully ran its first social live stream and removed the traditional process of the DAA and turned the event intxqo a seamless digital experience.

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