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Creating awareness on the dangers of Fentanyl abuse.

With Fentanyl abuse becoming more and more prevalent in the province of Manitoba, we were tasked to develop a social campaign that would communicate to those most at risk. As a Gen Z based agency we felt a strong sense of responsibility and understanding of how to spread the right message to the very demographic we belong to.


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Fentanyl Awareness Campaign


In Manitoba, Fentanyl abuse has become an epidemic with a rising death toll each and every year. To combat this the Province of Manitoba needed to connect with those at risk and educate the public about the very real effects of Fentanyl abuse, even in the smallest of amounts.


To reach our target demographic of recreational drug users ages 16-30, we needed to approach the problem in a different way to keep viewers engaged. It was important to bring the risk factors of recreational drug use to light in a way that was both unassuming and relevant.

A series of visuals both animated and static offered the viewer simple games and challenges.

By presenting the facts in an approachable format we were able to capture the the attention of our target demographic.

“The Dash team was responsive to our timelines and our needs. They also understood the unique challenges producing communications material for the provincial government can present in terms of messaging, particularly when it involves a topic like fentanyl . The quality of their creative work was first-rate and their ongoing reports concerning the effectiveness of their messaging was very helpful as we moved forward with our campaign.”
—Cam McCullough, Director, Creative Services, Communications Services Manitoba

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